As an alleged creative person, I’ve really come to hate the month of January. I know that, objectively, this is totally arbitrary. At least, now that I’m not beholden to the academic calendar, there’s really no reason that January should be any different from April or October. But, whether it has to do with social conditioning, or post-holiday funk, or some primal reaction to the arrival and departure of the solstice — I tend to go into January with a lot of ideas percolating in my head, and then at some point I run into a brick wall. I can’t pick a project to focus on, or I try to write something that might not quite be ready yet and then (as happened this morning) I end up throwing a minor fit because of a trivial formatting issue in the word-processing program I’m trying to use.

Granted, minor fits over trivial formatting issues are nothing unusual for me (I do not have a good relationship with technology in general), but on a day like this it just seems like it amplifies the general ‘a lot of ideas that are very clear in my head and only going to get screwed up when I try to reduce them to words’ kind of feeling. I am thinking about making a new ‘take it for granted you will not get anything done in January’ rule. But does that just make February the new January? I don’t know. [ETA: This also leads to my real fear that if I set an idea aside for too long, it won’t be there when I get back. Like, something that was so clear in my head and I just don’t remember what it is. This is the purpose of writing the stuff down, I suppose, and I’ve had bad experiences in the past of losing ideas that I didn’t write down.]

Does anybody else have this issue or am I crazy?