So, yeah, umm, it’s possible this is the first time I’ve been out anywhere on a weeknight this month? That’s probably not good. Granted, holidays and bad weather mess with people’s schedule this time of year. And I have been getting some writing and reading done, which isn’t bad. But in the new year I want to make an effort to get out of the house more and get more writing done. Right now I can apparently do one or the other. Probably the solution to this is to get better about scheduling things. I should think about that.

Anyway, I usually go to pub quiz at a nearby bar on a semi-regular basis. This week’s numbers were depleted by a lot of people being on vacation, but I met my friend Katrina there and we performed pretty well despite being a two-person team. I did miss a question about the Iron Man movie (his armor is really a gold-titanium alloy, did you know that?) but you can’t win them all.