Namely, I forgot about this blog. Well, last Wednesday, which was the end of my work week, I was sick and exhausted due to some genuine insomnia (the kind where you try to sleep and CAN’T as opposed to the part where you keep deciding to refresh Twitter one more time or watch just one more music video on YouTube which is my normal brand of “insomnia”). So I came straight home and slept for the next fourteen hours. Since then though, I have been feeling well-rested. Just not big on the blogging motivation.

I have been getting some (fiction) writing done, though. Then on Christmas Eve, I traveled to my parent’s house while listening to the holiday episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, which I have to recommend even if you don’t normally listen to the show. In this episode, the regular panel (which consists of the staff of NPR’s pop culture blog MonkeySee or, as I also like to call them, “Linda Holmes and Her Amazing Friends”), reminisce about gifts they got from their parents, and about nerdy legacies in general. It’s hard to describe why a story about a bookish Southern boy getting a set of encyclopedias for Christmas should be so tearjerking, but it really is. (It’s possible I’m the kind of kid who used to read encyclopedias for fun, so this story hits a chord).

So I drove home thinking about how my parents got their kids watching Marx Brothers movies, and then was able to sit down with my folks and A Night at the Opera. Granted this was only because we didn’t want to watch It’s a Wonderful Life! with commercials, and Dad would not have sat through Mom & my first choice, Return of the King. However, I did get to have a later conversation with Mom about how I would have been so jealous of the map of Middle Earth she had on her wall when she was in high school. I should note that my parents are not geeks in the “Nerd Pride” kind of way, but Mom happened to be fond of Narnia and of Tolkien, and introduced them to us at a young age so that we grew up assuming that these, like the Marx Brothers, were Things Everybody Knew About.

Anyway. We watched that movie and then I got my parents to watch the first disc of Community. At some point, Christmas happened, we played ping pong, and I drove home on Christmas afternoon before it started snowing. Then my sister brought her dog to visit — I’m keeping her for the week — and the dog and I have had some nice walks-in-the-snow and watched Return of the King, which I wrote about on Tumblr, or I wrote about the sensational 10 minutes that I sit through the rest of the movie to see. Those 10 minutes may in fact be that movie’s Rosalita (ie, the part that stands out from the rest of the material the way “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)” stands out from the rest of The Wild, The Innocent, and The E Street Shuffle and makes it hard to judge the surrounding landscape; but that may be a poor comparison, and almost certainly is a comparison that mostly only makes sense to me).

So that really doesn’t make up for five days of blogging I didn’t do, but it sort of gets me back in the groove.

And hey, I just noticed that my DVR is not scheduled to record a single thing this week. I am going to have to pass the time somehow, right?