I never take days off work in December. I don’t have very far to travel for family holiday visits, and I always figure I’m letting the people who need that time have it, so I can take my vacation time when the weather is nicer and when I really want to take it. This week is testing my resolve though. Fewer people at work with the same amount to do always seems to add up to more work to do, and not being able to do it because no one is around to sign off on anything or take your phone calls. Then you get out of the office at 5:15 and it’s already freaking dark, because this is the longest night of the year. Also, so I hear, both a full moon and an eclipse. Sounds like the recipe for some crazy.

The moon looks nice, anyway.

I think I need to take a week off next year, though. Take it off and go someplace warm, or at least with a fireplace.