No real big things today, but some small ones:

1. I pretty much spent the whole day eating cookies. I mean, I took breaks, but I work in an office and it’s around the holidays so people leave cookies sitting around and give them to you as gifts. And I like cookies. So it’s a good combination.

2. I need to get presents for my co-workers! I need to figure out what to do about this. I totally fell down on this last year, I was just too stressed, but I need to come up with something so I don’t become “that fail-y person who never gives Christmas presents when everybody else brings in nice cookies and Yankee Candles and stuff.” I have to admit, it’s been really tempting in the past to claim I don’t celebrate any holidays so as not to have to deal with this. But I’ve been better this year. I’m even listening to the station that plays Christmas music, and I have my shopping done for our family celebration this coming weekend.

3. Of course, it is supposed to snow this weekend, so I don’t know if this carefully planned family celebration is going to come off. I really hope it will work out and we can all get to Nomy parents’ this weekend!

4. However, I wouldn’t mind having a snow day from work tomorrow. We’ll see if that happens. Schools are already closing but it hasn’t actually snowed here at all. Most likely I’ll have to drive in whatever happens and I’m not really crazy about the way the roads get cleared around here. I did buy a scarf and hat and gloves tonight (easier than looking for what I did with the ones from last year, okay?) and stocked up at the grocery store in general. So if I don’t have to leave the house, that will also be good.

5. Now I’m watching Top Chef All Stars, which is making me hungry.

6. I’ve been using WordPress blogs for over two years, and somebody just explained the difference between categories and tags to me today. Whether this means that I start using those things correctly remains to be seen.

7. The Deceptionists podcast is available on itunes!

8. That’s all I can think of.