Or, I helped, anyway, which is cool. . .

A few weeks ago, my friend Kelly got in touch with me and a few other people (Paul, Dave, and Jim). We’re all variously connected through the Twitter/blogging/podcasting world, and had been involved in some conversations about writing fiction. Kelly suggested we put together a podcast to talk about some of our ideas about writing.

So “The Deceptionists” podcast was born. Episode One is available for download now*. I will admit I haven’t listened myself, what with the standard phobia of hearing my own voice. (And also because listening means thinking about what I need to improve, and I’d rather be in denial about that for a while.) But I thought this was a really enjoyable conversation. These are some smart, funny folks. All of them have been part of podcasts that I’ve enjoyed and admired in the past. While I’ve ‘appeared’ on a couple of comic-book-related podcasts in the past, this is my first time being part of “the crew.”

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, do check it out!

*We’ll have a feed on itunes, too, as soon as that is up and running.