Today’s been an odd little day and I’m not exactly sure what happened to it. I think I’m still a big fatigued from being sick on Wednesday. But somehow it got to be nine o’clock, and I just found myself actually having the thought, “Well at least I got those mangas read, and an entire issue of Entertainment Weekly. So I’ve accomplished something!”* That, my friends, is what we call moving the goalposts for what qualifies as “accomplishment.”

In my defense, reading the mangas took some planning. I have been reading Fullmetal Alchemist volumes from the library, and I got through the first 17 volumes before realizing the library, for reasons unknown, did not have volume 19. It has 1-18 and 20-23 (which is as much of the series as has been published in the US at this point) but not 19, which seemed as good of a justification as I was going to get for sitting in the cafe at Borders and reading #19. Not like I even really mind paying for a book, but I would feel silly owning just that one book. But first I had to go to the library and pick up Volume 18, then go back to Borders and read both books while eating apple pie. Life is hard, y’all. Well, not really, but I was tired.

Then I came home and “read” an entire issue of Entertainment Weekly, which of course means flipping through and looking at all the pictures and reading the caption boxes. I did read an entire article, though, because it was an interview with Reese Witherspoon and I really adore her. In her next movie (which I can’t remember the name of because it’s very generic) she co-stars with Paul Rudd. Reading the article, I decided I really wish they were a couple in real life. For no good reason, because how could there possibly be a reason for being invested in the romantic lives of people I don’t know? (But they would be really cute).

Tomorrow, I swear, I am going to have thoughts about contemporary literature. Which is what I was going to write about, today, but by the time I got done reading about Reese Witherspoon, I was really tired.

*I did, also finish Christmas shopping for my family, which actually does count as accomplishing something, but this wasn’t part of my thought at that exact moment.