For various uninteresting reasons, Tuesday is usually the busiest day of my work week. Today was like that to an exponential degree. It started badly (I was almost at the office when I realized I’d left my security card at home, which isn’t completely vital to get around the office but does lead to embarrassing situations like needing to ask somebody else to let me into the supply closet) and ended badly (nearly getting sick during a staff meeting). In between was a lot of nonsense that was mostly out of my control but was still nonsense. Anyway.

While I was running around taking care of nonsense, my dad and my brother were both texting me (and my mom was emailing me) to say Dad was in town for a meeting and my brother needed to come and retrieve the big screen TV I’ve been keeping for him. (Long story.) I was supposed to take part in a Dungeons & Dragons game tonight, so between dealing with family and being sick, I had to cancel that — when, it just happened, the game master was texting me at exactly the same time to cancel the game. So I guess that worked out, though I begged out of going out to dinner with Dad and brother. I stayed home to eat chicken soup and check up with the Daily Show and am now watching Meet Me in St. Louis, which I recorded off TV a while ago, and have never watched.

So. This is me updating because I said I would. Tomorrow might be a sick day.