This is a Monday that, for some reason I can’t exactly explain, felt like a Friday to me. All day I was thinking, “This has been a nice week, but I’m glad it’s almost over.” Then I would remember it’s Monday and there are four more days of basically the same thing. And considering that, I suppose I feel pretty good about today.

Of course, the best thing about a workday is, very often, the “Here’s what I’m going to do when I get home!” plan. With it being a pretty cold day, I was planning to curl up on my couch and watch the Oprah interview with Jonathan Franzen, since I actually read Freedom. The only Oprah book club I have watched any of before was the thing where she got on James Frey’s case for being a liar, and I guess I thought this would be equally dramatic. Or maybe they’d at least have something to say about the book. Instead, I fast-forwarded through 40 minutes of talking to some family who had something to do with Michael Jackson. Then there was a segment of Oprah and Franzen trying to remember what they argued about in 2001. This left twelve minutes to actually talk about the book, during which I learned that it was supposedly based on his parents and also ‘gee, whiz, people sure are angry about politics these days aren’t they!’ Then Oprah gave everybody in her audience a Kindle and said that Franzen would stay after and answer questions about his book. That was sort of what I thought the show was for. It all left me kind of Sad Panda, but also “I don’t know what I was expecting” and, now that I’ve written that, wondering why I expect highbrow discussion on television when I can’t even be bothered to use real adjectives rather than Internet memes on my blog.

Anyway! Fortunately, last night I also recorded VH1 Divas Salute the Troops, mostly because Grace Potter has been tweeting about it. I wouldn’t have right away thought that an event headllined by Katy Perry and hosted by Kathy Griffin would be a big draw for “the troops”. But there’s an enthusiastic crowd for this thing, and they’ve had Paramore, as well as Grace singing with her band (though bass player Catherine Popper was apparently sick so not there :-/), and also with the Wilson sisters from Heart.

So that’s pretty much my excitement for today. Day: Longer than it should be. Televised book clubs: Kind of vapid. Girls dancing in sequined dresses: pretty awesome.