Last December, I decided to kick of this blog, which I had never really used before, by writing a post every day of the month. That worked pretty well, so I’m going to take a shot again this year. I like this exercise because the last month of the year is a good time to take stock of what I’ve been doing and think about the upcoming year.

(I also need to debrief from my 30 days of novel-writing, in November, but I think that can wait until tomorrow’s post).

Looking back, I can see that last December, along with the first few months of this year, were rough. I had just very recently become a homeowner and I was pretty stressed about it, making adjustments, and very unsure about what I ought to be trying to do next. 2010 then had a few false starts with things that definitely didn’t work, and then when I was recovering from those, I ran into a fairly major home repair issue, which was one of the most stressful things I’ve ever had to deal with. (And I ultimately didn’t do what I should have done with it, and ended up with much more debt than I had planned to have at that point.) Just getting past that took a lot out of me, and when I tried to throw myself into a writing project right afterwards, it did not work at all.

But even in that first part of the year there were some bright spots. I had some wonderful visits with friends, including some I hadn’t seen in years, some I was just getting to know (the Torchwood-viewing, pillow-fort-building, Vietnamese beer garden visiting St. Patrick’s Day with WonderAli will live in the Internet’s collective memory, I hope, if only for those pictures she took of my action figures), and of course with the wonderful folks who have had my back for years now.

The last few months of this year have been a lot better. Late August through October were my ‘traveling and going to as many concerts and plays and games as I could’ time, which allowed me to get a lot of things out of my system so that November could be my ‘sit down and write’ time. That went not as well as I hoped in some ways, but better than I expected in others. Now I’m contemplating some new projects and feeling pretty good about things. Whether or not that continues, I hope to keep writing about it throughout the month!