My flight for Madison, Wisconsin, where I’ll be attending WisCon 34 leaves at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning, so I should probably finish packing and try to get some sleep in.

This is my second year at the con, my first as an actual panelist.

My schedule is:

Saturday: 8:30 AM — Marvel Women. This is not a bad one to start out with, because Marvel comics are a subject I know I can put together words about. Plus, a couple of my friends are also on the panel, so I’m reassured in advance that a couple people in the room won’t think I’m crazy. (Or, not unreasonably so).

Saturday: 1 PM — Sci-Fi TV. As in, the current state of Sci-Fi TV, I guess? I really have no idea how this conversation will go, it’s a pretty broad topic, but I’ve been using it as an excuse to watch a lot of TV over the past month. So that can’t be a bad thing!

Sunday: 10 PM — Fanfic: Threat or Menace. About whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, I guess? Ha ha ha. This, just, I have no idea. Based on last year, I’m pretty sure the composition of the panel will be made of people who favor and enjoy fanfic, but other than that, no idea what direction it will go in. Also, late at night on the last evening of the con? That could be a recipe for some zaniness. I’m just guessing.

I’ll have my laptop with me and my outgoing Twitter on (probably not incoming, for the most part, because my old dumbphone doesn’t handle that too well). But in any case, I’m sure I’ll be checking in.

Time for an adventure!