It’s 11:37 on Thursday, May 6, and that means the midnight showings of Iron Man 2 start in 24 minutes, on the East Coast. I am NOT at a theater getting ready to watch the movie, because I have to be at work at 8 AM tomorrow. Collaterally, not going to the movie means I am not allowed to stay up until 2 AM watching Whip It, despite my excitement that Netflix finally sent it to me. Because, see, if I didn’t got to the movie and I stayed up that late anyway, I would feel very silly (thought at least I would have gotten to watch Kitty Pryde being a roller derby girl, which seems pretty awesome). But I’ve already made plans to see the the Iron Man movie in two different cities over the next two days, so nobody feel too sorry for me. Though if you’re at a showing right now, I hate you, and I will until at least 9 PM tomorrow. I haven’t decided whether to do an Internet blackout tomorrow to avoid spoilers. We’ll see how that goes.

So, yeah. Tony Stark means a lot to me. Moving on.

The last couple days have been pretty dismal and I didn’t get any novel writing done (though I did blog a bit and finished reading a comics series I’m planning to review, so it wasn’t a total creative dead zone). Tonight, I got back on the horse, which is pretty important after taking a couple days off. I still didn’t get a full day’s word count in (I got up to 1,157 for today, which I guess I could add to whatever I said in the last post and get a running total). I haven’t yet run through the ideas I had when I started writing, and the scenes have expanded a bit within themselves, so I’m not unhappy with what I have. It still hasn’t grown forward beyond my ‘concept that isn’t really a plan’ so I’ll just have to see what happens when I get there.

I’m still trying to figure out word goals versus time goals, as a catalyst for getting writing done. I think I’m going to lean toward word goals, in the future, even accepting that I might not actually get to them. Tonight I gave myself two hours, plus an incentive of what I got to do at the end (watch Community!) But I think that backfired a little because I started clockwatching and looking forward to what I was going to do when I was done, and playing on the Internet for longer than I intended to let myself so basically a day at work. I’m not sure that either the word count or the quality I ended up with was much different than if I had told myself to write 1,500 words, but I did come away feeling more like I’d escaped than that I’d accomplished something.

On the other hand, having escaped is a good feeling. I’m torn.

So, fellow writers, talk to me! How’s your work coming? What kind of goal-setting do you try when you write, and what works and what doesn’t?

Or tell me anything you want, really. Just don’t spoil Iron Man 2 for me.