This is the third day of #MyNoWrimo. That 2,623 is a running total, which means I wrote 795 words today.
Still not where my goal should be if I’m aiming for 50,000 by June 3. But positive in the sense that today I confronted the feeling that I have a lot of other things to worry about and I don’t really want to do this now. And I wrote anyway.

I didn’t write particularly diligently — I had a beer before I started, I took occasional breaks to check in on Twitter and professional authors saying inadvertently hilarious and potentially enraging things. But I did stick at it. I discovered (with some relief) that putting my three main characters in the same room created some interesting tensions and that they had things to say to each other. It’s relieving that, although I still don’t have a good idea of the forward motion of the story, I’m in the poking-around stage and discovering that there is stuff to poke out. I’ve definitely gotten to that stage before and realized “all right, this is a setup, but I have nothing to say about it.” But the poking around is proving to be productive so far, and I’m realizing that #MyNo-ing isn’t necessarily what I normally think of as a writing or even a drafting process. This is what would often be my pre-writing stage. I’m figuring out how things work in this world, but I’m figuring it out in narrative.

It’s getting me somewhere, and it’s convincing I’ll have somewhere to get tomorrow as well.

How’s everybody else doing?