Every once in a while, I rant about things on my Twitter. I know. . .amazing! Sometimes I feel like the things I rant about are important, and sometimes I know they’re not, but they’re fun anyway.

Today’s fun rantiness involves a list of Top 10 Tragic Love Stories in Geek Fiction. I challenged my twitter pals to spot the things on this list that bugged me and most of them got discussed on Twitter — Cyclops and Phoenix make the list even though the writer thinks he sucks and she is better off dead, Captain Kirk is listed as a single story even though it involves two completely separate and distinct women, Arthurian legend doesn’t so much qualify as ‘geek fiction,’ etc. And of course, the majority of these are stories (especially if you count Kirk TWICE) where the woman dies and the man survives. Only two of the stories follow the same pattern with the gender roles reversed — Sarah Connor/ Kyle Reese, and Buffy/Angel (arguably the latter is iffy, too, because Angel comes back fairly quickly and becomes a franchise character in his own right so the real ‘tragedy’ is that they’re not able to keep dating because of his curse).

My point here isn’t to rip this list apart, though. I mean, I like a lot of these stories myself. I love Scott/Jean, for all its flaws and frustrations; I love Kirk and Edith’s story in City on the Edge of Forever, and I really really really love the doomed tale of Kyle and Sarah.

But what I want to take on is the assumption (quite explicitly stated in this post) that “tragic” love stories — stories about death, or about curses that keep you apart forever — are inherently better than the other kind. And as much as I’m a sucker for a good doomed romance, I like the other kind, too.

So! If you’d like, I’d love my readers to contribute a few of your favorite geek love stories that don’t end in tragedy. Define ‘geek’ however you want (if Arthurian legend counts, just about anything does). They don’t have to be happily-ever-after stories — eventual break-up or even death is okay if that’s not the point of the love story. Unconsummated/non-canonical ‘ships count — whether they’re slash ships, or polyamorous ones, or a couple people that you just know were doing it offscreen, or were about to when the story ended — even though nobody actually ever said it in so many words. Whatever is a love story to you (though I *do* want love stories here — friendship or family relationship can be just important as romance, i completely agree, but I want examples that you consider to be in love.

The only other rule is this: in the comments, please, no disagreeing or arguing with other people’s choices. It goes without saying that we all have different opinions on this topic, but this is the place to discuss in a positive way. I won’t argue back, either (so if you want a chance to tell me how awesome Scott and Emma are together, without me sputtering into rage, this is your chance!) Also, no USING the relationships you list to insult other ‘ships: ie, “The great thing about Betty is that she’s not shallow and nasty, like some OTHER girls Archie sometimes likes!” [ETA: Please do keep comments on-topic and, to clarify, I’d ask for people to avoid making any negative comments about other people’s entries, even if not specifically on the subject of whether you like the pairing or not; not because I don’t think they’re valid but just because this is a post for emphasizing positive aspects!]

Just remember — no tragedies!

Sound good?

Now I have to run out for a bit, so I don’t have time to do a big list myself, but I’ll give you a favorite: Delenn and John Sheridan on Babylon 5 (yeah, he sails off into the sunset at the end of the series, but only after they’ve been together for a long time, and because JMS is obsessed with Tennyson’s “Ulysses”; it’s not a tragedy. Their relationship is pretty much telegraphed from the first scene they have together, because the point of their story isn’t to tease out when and how they’ll get together, but to show the way they work together to make each other stronger.

Now. . .tell me some of your favorites!