Like a lot of people, I enjoy the movie Groundhog Day, in which hapless weatherman Bill Murray gets stuck living the same day over and over again, until he gets it right. Murray is fun to watch, and it’s a cute little fantasy, but given the choice, I doubt many of us would want to do that. Sure, for all of us, there are specific moments that we wish we’d played differently, opportunities that seemed like they would be repeated — the kiss you didn’t steal, the number you didn’t get, the job application you withdrew because you were sure you’d get a lot of other offers. But most lousy days, if you tried reliving them, would just be lousy differently; if they sucked, they sucked for reasons beyond your control, or the miracle fix that you have in mind wouldn’t really change that much.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that nothing about your average crappy day — or week, or month — is irreparable. So, the truth is, I had a really lousy January. The weather was bad, work was stressful, all of my appliances started making noises I didn’t like and, (too much information, but what can you do?) I felt like I had PMS for at least 2 out of 4 weeks, which is just biologically unfair, and as far as writing, I got absolutely nothing accomplished. I started the month vowing that I was going to do my best to be a better Internet citizen, and ended it grumbling to everybody who would listen that I wanted to kick the Internet in the face (I could apportion blame for this last phenomenon — some of it my fault, some of it the PMS’s fault, and at least part of it the Internet’s).

Overall, I think I came into 2010 with the wrong approach, determined to be better at absolutely everything, and thus dooming myself to fail at something. So rather than thinking about things I should have done better, I can remember that my January is not irreparable. And when I look at it that way, I can focus on the positive things that got done — spending some great time with friends and family, putting some social/community feelers out that I hope will go somewhere in the future, and reading a lot of books. These will give me some things to think about, not to mention blogging about in the future.

Things I’d like to cover in February include:

1. Thoughts on what constitutes good writing for female characters, over at Fantastic Fangirls.

2. Thoughts on any of the many books I read in January.

3. Thoughts on Internet friendships, an idea touched on eloquently by Kelly Stephenson (my Internet friend!) in this post.

4. Thoughts on virtuous consumerism (which is an idea I thought I might have made up but it turns out someone already wrote a book about it, so maybe I need a new word, because that’s not exactly what I meant.) Brought on by Amazon being jerks, which made me wonder if all the money I spend on my local-small-business comic book store somehow balances all the money i send that corporate behemoth Amazon.

5. Thoughts on how happy I am that President Obama is making Jon Stewart happy. Actually, I’ll just say that one. I think everybody who’s a fan of democracy ought to be thrilled that this happened last Friday, but I felt a little extra thrill for Jon Stewart, who’s been helping define the kind of democracy I, personally, want, for a good decade now. (You can see Jon’s reaction in this episode). Also, I don’t even know how the people at FOX have the nerve to keep calling themselves a “news” network, when they cut away from a discussion between the President and members of Congress to talk over it with their “analysis.” Seriously, if the President talking to members of Congress — something that doesn’t happen in this country anywhere near as often as it should — isn’t news, then I don’t know how you define the term. And, yeah, that got political, but I don’t care. That was the one thing that unequivocally made me happy last month (well, that and comics featuring Batwoman), so I’m not going to be shy about saying so.

So, yes. All that. Here’s to a better February.