Yesterday was a sick day and thus kind of a writeoff. I spend (probably) too much of it absorbing unpleasant political news, then watching DVR’ed episodes of The Daily Show to see if Jon Stewart could make it a little bit better. It was like 2004 all over again, and trust me when I say I didn’t enjoy that year very much the first time around.

But I drank a lot of juice and emerged (mostly) from the head cold and the general funk and started thinking about the things I’m looking forward to this year. I’ve already planned my vacation days so that (1) I can devote four days in the middle of March entirely to watching college basketball games (I did this in 2006 and my no-name commuter school got to the Final Four, which has led me to believe that spending the first two rounds of the NCAAs sitting on the couch amounts to some kind of religious obligation; all I have to ponder is whether I can afford to buy a better television, or at least get a better eyeglass perscription between now and then); (2) I can spend the last weekend in May at a scifi/fantasy con in Wisconsin, and the first weekend in June at a comics con in North Carolina.

There are aspects of the second plan that are less than ideal — i.e., trying to pack all the spread-out congoing I did in 2009 into a week and a half. But nobody consulted me when they scheduled these things, so I have WisCon 2010 over Memorial Day weekend, and Heroes Con a few days after that. I just ordered the WisCon tickets today and am already eagerly anticipating the event. I’d never really been to an SF/F event before last year’s WisCon, and I only went then because my friend Sigrid talked me into it. I wasn’t sure how I’d fit in because I’d never been much of a science fiction reader — I knew comic books and Babylon 5, sure, but it’s not exactly the same thing. But it turned out to be a really great experience — a paradigm-shifting one, really. It turned out that discussing my favorite texts and media through a lens of feminism and race and class could not only be enlightening but also fun. And it’s even gotten me reading more science fiction.

Then Heroes Con, you know, is Heroes Con, i.e., the best comics convention in the world — or at least on the East Coast.

So I have those things to look forward to!