I’ve been neglecting this blog for a few days, what with my friend and fellow Fantastic Fangirl Jennifer visiting. Besides watching the movies The Fast and the Furious and Fast & Furious, as I mentioned earlier, we saw Sherlock Holmes (awesome!), and A Single Man (not nearly as awesome as I wanted it to be, but does contain a whole lot of Colin Firth looking good in suits — the only downside being that people kept telling his character that he didn’t look so good, and apparently the one state that Colin Firth is incapable of conveying is ‘not looking so good.’). We also watched Dollhouse and the James Franco episode of 30 Rock (turned out to be maybe my favorite episode ever), the TNT re-broadcast of the first episode of Southland (an hour-long, uncut episode; it turns out NBC tore this TO SHREDS when they originally aired it; if you caught it on NBC and were unimpressed, see if you can dig up the TNT version, because it turns out to be a lot better without 17 minutes cut out), and the Golden Globes, Children of Men and Better off Dead and To Sir, With Love.

So lots of media. Lots of cookies and pizza. Lots of spending time with family and friends, and the family’s dog, and only one incident of setting the oven on fire (this was all me). So, over all, a successful visit.

Now I’m back on a working-people schedule, and also a blogging schedule. The theme for the week so far seems to be ‘Nostalgia’ (Adrian Veidt would approve, right?) On Fantastic Fangirls, we’re talking about comic series we wish hadn’t been cancelled, here. Though how nostalgic we’re really being is questionable, in that we’re all talking about Marvel series that ended within the last couple years. Possibly something focused our attention in that direction, though I have no idea what it could be!

For a more in-depth discussion of the idea of nostalgia in today’s comic books, you can check out my conversation with the staff of Alert Nerd. Sarah and Jeff are very sharp and very funny, and we almost always calm each other down instead of setting each other off. Almost.

I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things. Tonight I’m actually going to a book club meeting. We read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, which I’m looking forward to talking about, assuming I remember. This will be my first time attending a book club meeting about a book I read on the Kindle, so I’m curious if I inspire more envy or eyerolls from fellow club members. And, also, whether I can find any of the notes I took.