There comes a time, when you vow to blog every day for a month, when stuff comes up that you just aren’t going to blog about. I don’t want to give the impression that any part of my day was scandalous or horrible or even interesting. Just. . .family stuff that happens when families get together. My edited-for-Twitter version was that it was like living through the first couple acts of a Chevy Chase movie, though that turns out not to be as exciting in real life.

Also, as long as I’m redacting, I’m not going to share the questions that my friends Jennifer and Margot keep texting me about the personal choices being made by the Sims character they created, based on me, when we were in vacation in San Francisco last month. Let’s just say that Sim-me’s redactions are for much more interesting reasons than mine.

So that’s been my day. Driving home, going to the library, redactions. Tonight I even got some reading done. Tomorrow, maybe more of that, or maybe I’ll take myself to see both Avatar and Sherlock Holmes, and hope it’s a better experience than when I saw Narnia and King Kong back-to-back, a few years ago.