Monday nights are usually my pub quiz night, but this is the second in a row that I’ve missed. Last week was my choice because I was tired, but tonight I’m staying in because I don’t have much confidence in the roads being sufficiently clear when I come back late. I get that they can’t plow everywhere at the same time, but the two non-major roads that lead into my subdivision were plowed pretty half-assedly.

I repeat, this is the South, we’re not supposed to have to do this. (Go ahead and make a joke how it’s a tradeoff for having to live with a bunch of rednecks, or whatever; I’m too tired to think of one).

I’ve completed the writing project I was working on over the weekend, and the next major thing I have to do is Christmas shopping, assuming that there’s a parking lot at a Target somewhere that’s sufficiently free of ice. Gonna watch some Sarah Connor Chronicles, or else go to sleep — depending, I guess, on whether I fall asleep.