If I had a working camera, today’s post would be a picture of my neighborhood, in the sunshine, under two feet of snow. As it is, I could try to paint a word picture, or whatever, but the truth is, you guys KNOW what a cul-de-sac covered in snow looks like. If you’ve never experienced it, you’ve seen it in a movie or something.

You would think from my blogs this month that it snows a lot where I live. It usually doesn’t, though, which is my excuse for not being really prepared for it. I have a shovel SOMEWHERE (a small one for digging cars out, not a big one for shoveling sidewalks), which I bought the last time there was a major snow — January 2003, I think? — when my sister, who went to college in upstate New York, made fun of me for not having one. At some point, I have to go knock white stuff off the car, but I keep thinking the sun will melt it and make it a little easier.

I do not go out in this stuff voluntarily, you guys. My car already hates me, I don’t want this relationship getting worse.

Meanwhile, I luckily have enough food provisions that I’m not going to be knowing on coffee beans by the end of the day, and I bet by this evening, I can even get a pizza delivered. I have projects I can work on (and need to work on) without leaving my house, and I have friends with whom I can exchange emails about Grant Morrison’s cat* (which is arguably distracting me from *projects*, but simultaneously reminds me that I have awesome friends, and they are the thing that makes projects worthwhile; I’m pretty sure there is a quotation on the theme from Dead Poets Society.

On that note, I want to mention my Three Stories post again, and thank you all for the great response. I’m learning a lot about what cool people I have reading this blog (and adding to my own reading list as well). If you haven’t seen that post yet, I encourage you to go there, and read the comments, because everybody’s contributions have been so unique and wonderful

Now! I must proceed with my projects. And eventually go out in the snow. Uggh.

*Grant Morrison writes comic books, occasionally, from my understanding, ones about how much he loves cats. I would like to pretend there is some deeper meaning to this reference, but really, not.