I started this blog knowing I wasn’t always going to feel like writing. Today’s one of those days. Though it may not be so much that I don’t have things to say as that I don’t quite have the energy to put them into paragraphs.

It happens.

I’ll just mention that the Golden Globe nominees are out, and there are a lot of movies I’d like to see, but none of the ones I want to see seem to be playing in Richmond right now. Out of the few things from this list I have managed to see, I’ll say Carey Mulligan was very good in An Education, and any nominating scheme that thinks The Hangover is worth honoring and Star Trek isn’t, this is something I want no part of. The only nominated TV shows I watch are 30 Rock and Mad Men. 30 Rock wasn’t at its best, and I don’t really understand January Jones getting the lead actress Mad Men nod, as opposed to Elisabeth Moss, but the real point of these lists is arguing.

So if there are any movies you think I should see that came out this year, or any performances to take note of, let me know! I’m not so much asking you for your best lists, as things you think I’d like, based on my ceaseless babbling about myself in public forums as I like to do.

Right, then. I’m going to watch another disc of Sarah Connor Chronicles right now. I’m sad I completely missed this show while it was airing, because I can tell it’s something I would have been insanely fannish about from week to week. It’s kind of a mystery to me how I got hooked on Big, Sexy Hospital instead