Yesterday I slept late, then woke up and drank a whole pot of coffee while working on (creative) writing. Very good for the quantity and, I think, the quality of the writing, but not so much for getting to sleep last night. I don’t know about anybody else, but creative work doesn’t mesh well with sleep for me, even when you take coffee out of the picture. It’s like the line in Charlotte’s Web about how hard it is to sleep when your stomach is empty and your mind is full. Not that I’m starving, but I am thinking about my story. Combine that with worries about my car being weird and the fact that I really really need to get to work today (aspirationally, I need to get there every day, but today we’re short staffed and there’s a *thing* that I’m probably the only person prepared to do), I didn’t sleep well, by which I mean at all. The work thing should be absolutely hilarious, although on the plus side, we’re short staffed so nobody will really see if I screw up.

The morning doesn’t look too terrible so far, though. The car is starting and I’m planing (God, I hope this is the right decision) to drive the five or so miles to work and drop off the car at Good Year, ask them to change the oil and see if there’s any reason for it to be stalling in 2nd gear. Maybe there isn’t. I’m open to the possibility that I temporarily forgot how to drive stick shift, the way baseball players sometimes forget how to make routine throws (you’re probably thinking Chuck Knoblauch, if you’ve heard of this phenomenon at all, but it also happened to Dale Murphy when he used to be a catcher; they moved him to center field, though, and he turned into an MVP outfielder. Sometimes these stories have happy endings. Cars never do, though; but I’m hoping my 10-year-old civic makes it past Christmas.)

Okay, I’ve downed another pitcher of coffee while making this post, and am about to head off for work.

As we say in the South, y’all pray for me now.

ETA: I made it to work, and the car made it to Good Year, where it’s getting an oil change, and alignment check, and ‘visual inspection’ to see if there’s anything else wrong. I’m rooting for ‘mental block that caused me to temporarily forget how to shift gears’; kind of sad when that’s the best option, but what can you do. Hopefully the other parts of the day will just be comical rather than disastrous. Pretty sure I’ll be too tired to make my usual Monday night pub quiz, though, in any case. Which is sad considering that the topics are ‘Lord of the Rings’ and basketball.