I’ve officially made NaNoWriMo level progress on my current fiction writing project, for today. That is, I’ve written a NaNo days’ worth of words (1,600 or something?) Of course, I still need to write at least that many again, but I’m pretty happy with my progress, and I’m amusing myself (I’m still at the point in my writing ambitions where that’s the most important part; it’s certainly better than the days I’m making myself miserable). Also, it was raining for most of the day and has now cleared up and is quite pretty, now that the sun is setting. So I’m going to Food Lion to get some instant cookie dough (yeah, yeah, I know how to bake with ingredients, but I just got my kitchen clean!) I can cook enough to have something yummy tonight and take the rest to work for the break room tomorrow, so I’m sabotaging everyone else’s diet and not just mine.

But, you know — cookies. Yum.

ETA: Uggh, I lied. Car was being weird and I didn’t want to ride out in the dark-and-wet night. Hopefully, it was just a rain-related thing and it will at least be dried out enough to get me to the service station near work, in the morning. Still — no cookies. No sweet things in my house at all, in fact. I need to plan better.