Another short post (I figure it’s the weekend and no one’s looking anyway).

I’m considering changing my strategy for getting things done from actually trying to schedule the things I intend to accomplish, to some kind of psych out alternating procrastination strategy.

Today I have a writing project I want to work on, a house that badly needs cleaning, Christmas shopping to do, et cetera. And just a few minutes ago, when I had told myself I was going to start writing, I thought, “Well, just let me clean the kitchen a bit.” I got started and a few minutes in, I realized I felt guilty about cleaning the kitchen. Even though it’s one of the things that very much needs doing, I had convinced myself it was procrastination. I need to find more applications for this approach, clearly.

(Incidentally, once I realized what had happened, I came upstairs to make a blog post about it. So, right this minute, I’m procrastinating on finishing the kitchen. But, well, I’m getting my blogging in.)

Anybody else find ways to use procrastination to your advantage?