There are a lot of things to do at my house. Like, a lot. I moved about a month ago, and a lot of basic unpacking and arranging needs to happen. I need to come up with an approach, I guess — carve out some time for clothes, some time for the kitchen, a lot of time for books — but I’m clearly still being resistant to that. Unfortunately, I find being in an unorganized environment kind of stressful, so there’s an obvious disconnect there. I’m not ready to get the house in order, but I don’t like being in an unorganized house (this will probably surprise people who know me in real life, including and especially members of my family, but it’s the truth!)

Pretty much my best way to deal with disorganization is to get away from it. That’s why I’m at the library right now (that and the fact that there is Internet here, and I still haven’t figured a strategy for fixing my netbook, which would be one more thing I would have to deal with if I was at home). So: library. Brightly lit, Internet, good places to sit and read. That’s good because I have about 50 pages to go in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I’m ready to find out how it ends. (This is not a library book, by the way, so it’s not like I’m going to sit here, finish it, and then return it. This is a paperback I bought in the San Francisco airport last month. I just happen to have carried it with me to the library).

Meanwhile, I’m still thinking about Top Ten Comics of the 2000’s. Part of my reluctance to make a list is being pretty certain that most of the things that in some Platonic sense should be on the list will be things that I have not read. I mulled over this, hanging out in the graphic novel section of this library, to see if I could find anything to pick up that would be ‘good for me’. Instead, I picked up some ’80s-looking Avengers book, and another one with an “X” in the title. (For those of you who aren’t comics people, that doesn’t mean that it’s dirty, but that it has mutants in it. Though there is some overlap. As I tweeted earlier today in a slightly different context, I have read things in X-Men comics that, if I had run across them in actual pornography, would probably have made me flee the room in horror. Comic books go to weird places, that is the thing I am saying.)

Anyway, I’m going to attempt to finish reading this novel, check out some comics, and go home to have dinner and, eventually, watch my Thursday night shows via the DVR. What a wonderful world.