I don’t usually expect predictions of snow to amount to anything, but when I try to ignore them and travel (of course) they do. The snow in Maryland isn’t too bad, but it’s not very appealing to drive in. So Samantha and I have been watching Generation Kill, and now Edge of Love, a movie about — well, apparently, a complicated love quadrangle involving Dylan Thomas, during World War II. But mostly, so far, about Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller wearing nice clothes and sometimes lying in bed together. It’s a little over-arty and earnest, but pretty. Gen Kill I’ll have more thoughts about (and a recap of our evening at the reading, which was nice), but this isn’t really my computer, and I’m just checking in for the sake of doing so. So all that can wait!

Have a good Saturday, and I hope none of you are snowed in unless you want to be.